What is this blog about?

About a year ago I was riding the train back home from work and bumped into my colleague and friend, Arjun Raj. Arjun writes a popular blog about everything science related that I highly recommend [1]. He described how liberating it was to write a blog and how he realized it actually reached people. I found this quite interesting and opposite to my experience: I struggle with writing (lets face it, this is not even my native language) and for as long as I can remember I did not like to say things in public unless I was absolutely sure I got it right. On the other hand, I found from conversations I had with students and colleagues that they found some of the observations I made quite useful. And so, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start putting out there my musings about the world. Like so many things in Science, It just took me another year.

So why “Martial Arts Life Science and everything in between”?
Research, specifically in Life and Computer Science, is what I do and love doing. Martial Arts is another key component in my life experience. Besides the obvious physical/defense aspects, I see it as a way to learn about ourselves and the world, I like the philosophical aspects of it, and I like to find how I can bring insights from my Martial Arts practice to my everyday life to make me a better researcher, mentor, father, and a person. So here we go.

[1] http://rajlaboratory.blogspot.com/


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