RNA Splicing? There is an App for that!

In a previous post we showed how splicing analysis can be greatly simplified by using the MAJIQ simplifier. In this post we continue with this theme of making RNA splicing analysis more accessible and easy to use, introducing an app for it:

OK, so it doesn’t run on your smartphone with such cool animation (yet!;) but it does work on MAC/Win/Linux and the visualization is pretty nice too…

We created this app in response to users’ request: The previous VOILA (1.x) ran in the Chrome browser using html5 with interactive animation based on D3. This was great – anyone could run it with no special installation. But the html5 code could only do so much in terms of interactive usage (e.g. search options) and was also running out of steam for large datasets. So, in MAJIQ/VOILA 2.x we switched to a servlet based visualization, giving us many more capabilities. But, we lost the ease of installation – no free lunches… Or maybe not? The new app saves users from the need of any sophisticated installations – simply drag and drop:

Now, lets say your student wants to send you their results – simple! They send you the VOILA file, you click open the app on your laptop, upload the file, and…. Voila!

More info about the VOILA App can be found here. So try it out and let us know what you think. And if you have more ideas for how to make MAJIQ/VOILA even better shoot us an email or even better: post on the user support group here.


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